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Unconscious bias - whether you realize it or not


“Human beings are consistently, routinely, and profoundly biased. And, we are not only profoundly biased, but we almost never know we are being biased.” (Source: Everyday Bias, Howard J. Ross)

This webinar is designed to help attendees enhance their understanding of and recognize unconscious bias (often also called hidden or implicit bias). Unawareness of bias in the workplace can lead to incorrect, inappropriate, and even unlawful decisions related to hiring, promotion, performance management, and termination. It can also lead to interpersonal conflicts and other day-to-day interactions. Learning to identify unconscious bias is a first step to reducing such bias in the workplace. Attendees will also have the opportunity to consider the development of practical tools to address unconscious bias in their workplaces.

SHRM and HRCI credits


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