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Soft Skills Boot Camp: Murfreesboro recorded

Soft Skills Boot Camp: Murfreesboro

Presented by Greg Coker


The Issue: The Lack of Soft Skills

While today’s employees are technically competent, they often lack what is commonly referred to as “Soft Skills”.  Work Ready skills such as: communication, problem solving, customer service, teamwork, and conflict resolution.  They leave school knowing “things” but not “people.”   They’re good at the “what” but not so good with the “who.”  In fact, the most common feedback from employers, workforce development professionals and employment agencies is that while today’s employees are technically competent, they often lack the important “soft skills.”
Now more than ever those entering the workforce need a crash course on the soft skills!
Greg Coker, provides a powerful and life/career changing workshop on the “soft skills” guaranteed to increase individual effectiveness while boosting your organization’s productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.
This seminar provides a powerful message about the necessary skills that will lead to increased employee effectiveness while boosting a company’s productivity, retention and customer satisfaction.  Seminar topics will include:  image, importance of strategies, creativity, communications, project management, problem-solving skills, customer service, teamwork, conflict resolution, exceeding expectations and leadership.  

This powerful workshop is designed to accomplish THREE THINGS:

  1. Define the gap in employees Soft Skills

  2. Build the training for improving Soft Skills 

  3. Provide easy-to-understand tools to help 

Topics covered: Leading/Following; Managing; Employee Engagement; Emotional Intelligence; Customer Satisfaction; Coaching; Change; Teamwork; Culture; Problem-Solving; Organizational Dynamics
Seminar Presenter: Greg Coker, President & Founder, The Institute for Soft Skills          
Greg Coker’s past work includes: Business/Industry, Education, Government, TVA, Chambers of Commerce/ Economic Development organizations and MANY others!

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Hosted by

Tennessee Chamber of Commerce


$125: TN members $175: Non-members

Presented by

Greg Coker