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OR: Workplace Management Montage: Five HR Hot Topics for 2023

Presented by Shayda Le


In this presentation, Barran Liebman attorney Shayda Le will cover five hot-button employment law topics facing Oregon employers.  With buzzwords such as “quiet quitting” and “flexibility fatigue” settling into common human resource vocabulary, this presentation will cover insights on these topics, practices surrounding ongoing performance management and employee engagement, and what this might mean for future business models and considerations around denied remote work requests.  Shayda will also discuss trends surrounding pay equity and pay transparency, particularly in light of recent legislation. 

Key topics will include the following:

  1. Quiet Quitting

  2. Flexibility Fatigue

  3. Pay Transparency Trends

  4. Federal Legislative Updates

  5. State Legislative Updates

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Hosted by

Barran Liebman



Presented by

Shayda Le
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