Expired I-9 not expired (yet)

August 29th, 2019
Elizabeth Coonan at BrownWinick
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United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced this week that until further notice, employers should continue using the Form I-9 currently bearing expiration date of 8/31/2019, even after the expiration date has passed.

The agency will provide updated information about the new version of the Form I-9 as it becomes available.

If you have questions about I-9 compliance or how your business should respond to an inspection notice, contact Elizabeth Coonan at coonan@brownwinick.com or the BrownWinick attorney with whom you work.


This blog was written by Elizabeth Coonan at BrownWinick. Elizabeth co-authors our Iowa Human Resources Manual. You can find the original and their Workplace Wise on their website.