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Tennessee Human Resources Manual

In-depth HR guide to Tennessee and Federal Employment law, delivered in one soft-cover book and online with form and policy templates. Includes what to do and how to do it for everything from pre-hire through post-termination, policies and form templates that you can use as-is or customize, updated online access, email notifications and a weekly e-newsletter

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Own the Definitive Guide to Tennessee and Federal HR Compliance.

Every human resources professional knows the daunting task of staying up-to-date with the laws governing employer-employee relations. State and federal laws often impose different obligations on employers, and courts continually refine the way the laws must be implemented in the workplace.

For instance:

  • What does the federal Family Medical Leave Act require that the Tennessee Family Leave Act does not? 
  • When is a worker an independent contractor for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act versus Tennessee’s wage and hour laws? 
  • If the cultivation and use of marijuana are illegal under federal law, how does an employer accommodate its use by employees who are disabled and properly registered under Tennessee’s Medical Marijuana Act?  
  • There are a lot of legal minefields out there!

HR professionals negotiate those minefields by having the resources to recognize and prevent issues before they arise and by responding to problems when prevention is not possible. We hope this manual will be your first resource in recognizing, preventing, and solving problems in your workplace.

Easily comply with these comprehensive Tennessee laws: 

  • Tennessee Human Rights Act
  • Tennessee Handicap Act
  • Tennessee Maternity Leave Act
  • Public Protection Act
  • Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Division
  • Tennessee Uniform Trade Secrets Act (Tennessee UTSA)
  • Tennessee family and medical leave statute
  • Tennessee common law contract
  • Tennessee New Hire Reporting Program
  • Tennessee Right-to-Work
  • Tennessee Lawful Employment Act (TLEA)
  • Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Act

Stay Knowledgeable and Informed: 

  • Lay Out Expectations and Guidelines for your Business
  • Stay Up to Date on recent law changes
  • Understand state and federal specific compliance thresholds
  • Understand NDAs, intellectual property and trade secret law
  • Manage employee relationships
  • Conduct workplace investigations
  • Avoid costly non-compliance penalties on both the state and federal level
  • File personnel and medical records
  • File applications and other non-medical records
  • Legally perform drug and alcohol tests
  • Handle workplace violence before, during, or after it happens
  • Reinstating a veteran after military leave
  • Obtain authorization from employees before generating consumer reports

Other Benefits: 

  • Understand Your Compliance Thresholds
  • Anticipate and be Ready for Your Audit
  • Manage the Recruiting and Hiring Process Lawfully
  • Understand NDAs, Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Law
  • Manage Employee Relationships
  • Conduct Workplace Investigations
  • Avoid Costly Non-Compliance Penalties on both the State and Federal level
  • Arm your HR team with Comprehensive, Easy-to-Use, and Accurate Info that Ensures Compliance and Minimizes Legal Costs!

The Tennessee Human Resources Manual Includes:

  • A hard-copy book written in plain-English
  • Access to an updated, online, membership only HR platform
  • Inclusive access to SHRM certified webinars
  • Immediate updates when laws change and when it will affect you
  • Easy to understand legal advice 
  • Weekly "HR Update" Newsletter
  • Live customer support

Our guide to Tennessee Human Resources is the most Comprehensive, Plain-English guide that your HR Department is likely to encounter, anywhere.  Clients from Pro Sports Teams, to Mom-and-Pop Stores, put their trust in us year after year for that exact reason.

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