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Pennsylvania Model Policies and Forms (Online)

In-depth HR guides to Pennsylvania form and policy templates, completely online. This publication is prepared exclusively for Pennsylvania employers and made available by the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry in a continuing effort to provide reliable and practical information for our members and the Pennsylvania business community.

Your subscription includes:

  • Digital HR Library: Regularly updated so that you will always have the latest policies at your fingertips
  • HRUpdate: weekly e-newsletter highlighting the top HR trends and best practices
  • SHRM and HRCI certified webinars: free monthly access – $120 value – each webinar is worth 1 SHRM credit and 1 HRCI credit
  • Customer Service: If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, our friendly customer service representatives can point you in the right direction.

The Pennsylvania Model Policies and Forms includes form and policy templates you can download, edit, save and print such as:

  • Basic workplace policies for Pennsylvania
  • Time Off and Leaves of Absence policies
  • Pennsylvania required postings
  • Personnel Records and Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Employee Benefits
  • Pennsylvania specific Termination of Employment
  • New Hire Reporting Form
  • Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest
  • Pennsylvania leave requirements, including statewide mandatory sick leave law, domestic violence leave, Pennsylvania military family leave
  • (OWBPA) The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act
  • Family medical leave

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Job descriptions and applications
Applicant screening
Features of the HR Library
Basic company policies
Time of hire
Time off and leaves of absence
Hours of work and overtime
Confidentiality and conflicts of interest
Complaint procedures and opendoor procedures
Other matters
Appendix A Recordkeeping requirements
Appendix B Posting requirements
Performance reviews promotion and layoff
Acknowledgment of receipt of handbook
About the firm
About the author
At-Will Employment Application (Option 1)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 2)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 3)
At-Will Employment Application (Option 4)
Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act Forms
Invitation to Self-Identify
Job Description (Option 1)
Job Description (Option 2)
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
Applicant Flow Log for Federal Contractors
Educational Reference
Employment Interview Analysis
Employment Reference
Interview Checklist - Clerical
Interviewer Evaluation
Interviewing Form
Reference Inquiry
Reference Release Form
Sample Questions for Applicant
Attendance Policy (Option 1)
Attendance Policy (Option 2)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (Option 1)
Drug and Alcohol Policy (Option 2)
Employee Classification Policy (Option 1)
Employee Classification Policy (Option 2)
Music in the Workplace Policy
No-Fault Attendance Policy (Option 3)
Non-Fraternization Policy
No-Solicitation Policy (Option 1)
No-Solicitation Policy (Option 2)
Orientation Period Policy (Option 1)
Orientation Period Policy (Option 2)
Personal Conduct Policy
Rules of Conduct Policy
Safety and Health Policy (Option 1)
Safety and Health Policy (Option 2)
Safety and Health Policy (Option 3)
Safety and Health Policy (Option 4)
Union-Free Policy (Option 1)
Union-Free Policy (Option 2)
Workplace Violence Policy
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (Option 1)
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (Option 2)
Form I-9 (2020)
Form W-4 (2020)
Handbook Introduction
Harassment Policy
New Employee Checklist
Overall Harassment Policy
Sexual Harassment Policy (Option 1)
Sexual Harassment Policy (Option 2)
Accommodation Request Form (Option 1)
Accommodation Request Form (Option 2)
Accommodation Request Form (Option 3)
Approval-Denial of Reasonable Accommodation Request
Bereavement Leave Policy (Option 1)
Bereavement Leave Policy (Option 2)
Confirmation of Request for Reasonable Accommodation
Denial of Reasonable Accommodation Request
Employment Policies Relating to Pregnancy, Childbirth and Child Rearing
Family and Medical Leave Policy (50+ Employees)
Holiday Policy (Option 1)
Holiday Policy (Option 2)
Jury Leave Policy (Option 1)
Jury Leave Policy (Option 2)
Military Leave Policy (Option 1)
Military Leave Policy (Option 2)
Non-FMLA Leave Policy
No Sick-time Policy (Personal Days)
Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy
Personal Day Policy
Personal Leave of Absence Policy (Option 1)
Personal Leave of Absence Policy (Option 2)
Physician's Release to Return to Work
Request for FMLA Leave
Request for Leave of Absence (Non-FMLA)
Request for Non-FMLA Leave
Severe Weather and Emergency Conditions Policy
Sick Day Policy
Vacation Policy (Option 1)
Vacation Policy (Option 2)
Voting Policy
WH-380-E Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition
WH-380-F Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition
WH-381 Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities
WH-382 Designation Notice
WH-384 Certification of Qualifying Exigency
WH-385 Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Current Servicemember
WH-385-V Certification of a Serious Injury and Illness of a Veteran
Beneficiary Designation Form
Beneficiary Designation Update Reminder
Cafeteria Plan Enrollment Form - Salary Reduction Agreement
Illustrative Samples for Beneficiary Designations
Initial Notice of HIPAA Special Enrollment Rights
Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
Mini-COBRA Notice
Model COBRA Continuation Coverage Election Notice (2020)
Model COBRA Continuation Coverage General Notice (2020)
Model Notice of Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage
Model Notice of Non-Creditable Prescription Drug Coverage
Model Notice of Reasonable Alternatives for Wellness Programs
Newborns' and Mothers' Health Protection Act Notice
Notice of Grandfathered Plans Status
Participant Form for Electing Distributions after Termination of Employment
Participant Form for Electing Distributions Due to Total Disability
Participation Contribution Change Form
Participation Contribution Election Form
Participation Form for Electing Rollovers (to the 401(k) Profit-Sharing Plans)
Policy Investment Statement
Pre-Age 59.5 Hardship Withdrawal Instructions (for Withdrawing 401(k) Contributions)
Pre-Age 59.5 Hardship Withdrawal Instructions (for Withdrawing Rollover Amounts)
Pre-Age 59.5 Hardship Withdrawal Request Form (for Withdrawing 401(k) Contributions)
Pre-Age 59.5 Hardship Withdrawal Request Form (for Withdrawing Rollover Amounts)
Tuition Reimbursement Policy
Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act Notice
Hours of Work Policy (Option 1)
Hours of Work Policy (Option 2)
Overtime Policy
Payroll Direct Deposit Form
Sample Nursing Mothers Policy
Timekeeping Requirements
Confidential Company Information Policy (Option 1)
Confidential Company Information Policy (Option 2)
Conflict of Interest Policy
Employment Confidentiality Agreement (Option 1)
Employment Confidentiality Agreement (Option 2)
Employment Confidentiality Agreement (Option 3)
Complaint Policy (Option 1)
Complaint Policy (Option 2)
Open-Door Policy
Birthday Lunch Policy (Option 1)
Birthday Lunch Policy (Option 2)
Bright-Idea Program Entry Form
Business Equipment Usage Policy (Option 1)
Business Equipment Usage Policy (Option 2)
Cell Phone Use Policy
Cellular Telephone Policy
Consensual Relationship Agreement and Acknowledgment of Harassment-Free Workplace Policy
Dress Code Policy (Option 1)
Dress Code Policy (Option 2)
Employee Suggestion Policy (Option 1)
Employee Suggestion Policy (Option 2)
Employment of Relatives Policy
Examinations of Records Policy (Option 1)
Examinations of Records Policy (Option 2)
Intern Policy
Non-Fraternization Policy
Political Speech-Contributions Policy
Politics in the Workplace Policy
Smoking Policy (Option 1)
Smoking Policy (Option 2)
Social Networking Policy (Option 1: Allowing Use)
Social Networking Policy (Option 2: Allowing Use for Job Related Functions Only)
Social Networking Policy (Option 3: Disallowing Use)
Telephone Usage Policy
Disciplinary Action Form
Disciplinary Action Policy
Employee Exit Interview (Option 1)
Employee Exit Interview (Option 2)
Employee Separation Clearance Checklist
Exit Checklist
Reference Request Policy
Resignation Policy (Option 1)
Resignation Policy (Option 2)
Termination of Employment Policy
Compensation Review Policy (Option 1)
Compensation Review Policy (Option 2)
Employee Loan Request and Approval Form
Employee Payroll Change Notice (Option 1)
Employee Payroll Change Notice (Option 2)
Exempt Performance Appraisal
Layoff Policy
Payroll Advance Policy (Option 1)
Payroll Advance Policy (Option 2)
Performance Appraisal
Performance Appraisal Summary
Performance Evaluation
Performance Review Form (Self-Evaluation)(Option 1)
Performance Review Policy
Promotions, Demotions and Transfers Policy
Salary Change Recommendation Form
Self Evaluation Form
Self-Peer Performance Evaluation Form (Option 2)
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Handbook (Option 1)
Acknowledgment of Receipt of Handbook (Option 2)
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