The Legal & Cybersecurity Implications of COVID-19

Hosted by BrownWinick Law Firm & ACS

As business leaders, it's impossible to think of every little detail amid a rapidly evolving situation. At this point, your workforce is most likely remote, and if not, you're on your way there. Now is the time to step back and review the potential legal and cybersecurity implications that threaten your organization. Join BrownWinick Law Firm and ACS as we explore how to protect your organization from potential lawsuits and cyber breaches as a result of Covid-19. Register below.

In this webinar, we'll discuss:

·        Legal guidelines for employee conduct and furlough

·        Implementation of remote work and cybersecurity policies.

·        Increasing Cybersecurity threats and mitigation tactics

·        Protection of Corporate IP and employee Privacy

·        Recovery of Physical and Digital Assets from Remote Employees