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The Changing Landscape of Workplace Accommodations: How Employers Can Maintain Compliance in the Modern Workforce

Presented by Raeann Burgo, Kayla Panek


As the way people work changes, so does the type of workplace accommodations needed. There are many workplace laws, which require companies to provide their employees with “reasonable accommodations” related to not only disability but pregnancy, religion and certain hairstyles. The landscape surrounding reasonable accommodations is always changing. Questions employers are currently faced with include:

  1. Is remote work always a reasonable accommodation?
  2. Do I have to accommodate an employee’s commute to work?
  3. What is a sincerely held religious belief?
  4. When do I need to accommodate an employee’s hairstyle?
  5. How do I comply with the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act?

Misunderstanding when an employer must engage in the interactive process and what is a reasonable accommodation leaves the door open for potential risk of serious legal consequences, including violation of anti-discrimination laws, which may carry harsh penalties. Join Raeann Burgo and Kayla Panek for their legal insight on what “reasonable accommodation” actually means, and how to keep your business in compliance.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Kearney.

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Presented by

Raeann Burgo, Kayla Panek
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