PA Unemployment Compensation Roundtable

Hosted by Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
Member: $100 / Non-member $150

Unemployment Compensation Benefits Basics; UC Hearing Do’s and Don’ts—unemployment compensation remains a complicated area of employment law.  Employers’ relief from charges, separation eligibility and willful misconduct issues can be confusing.  And for many employers, the most challenging aspects involve UC eligibility and how to effectively navigate the UC hearing process when disputes arise.  Companies are making errors and need clear information to help them avoid mistakes. 

Top UC field experts and officials from the PA Bureau of Unemployment Compensation, including a UC Appeals System Administrator,Unemployment Compensation Appeals Referee and representatives from the Office of UC Benefits will provide the answers you need, how and when benefits apply and how to handle different situations businesses face, helping you eliminate mistakes and potentially saving your company money. 

They will cover:

  • Understanding UC Benefits, Relief from Charges, Separation Eligibility and Willful Misconduct Issues—when UC benefits apply; who is eligible to receive benefits; requirements for new hires; separation fact-finding issues; how to determine relief from charges; dealing with discharge vs. voluntary quit; what to do in different situations such as employee health issues, voluntary layoffs and employees leaving for personal reasons.  When to apply UC benefits, if at all, in situations such as absenteeism and tardiness, drug and alcohol abuse, insubordination and profanity, damage to equipment, violation of business rules, dishonesty and more.
  • Best Practices for Complying with Unemployment Compensation—key best practices and tips HR professionals should follow, including preparing the initial UC Claim, responding to contested and uncontested claims, understanding the UC Tax Structure, handling the most common willful misconduct and voluntary quit scenarios, and tips for fighting UC fraud.
  • Unemployment Compensation Hearing Do’s and Don’ts from the UC Board of Review—many companies eventually find themselves having to attend a UC hearing.  We have invited an Unemployment Compensation Appeals Referee and a UC Appeals System Administrator from the UC Board of Review – the agency that oversees the UC referees and hearings – to discuss how to properly prepare, what to expect during a hearing, and steps employers can take that can help lead to a successful outcome.

Continuing Education Credits: HRCI, SHRM, CPE, CLE

Location: Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey, 4650 Lindle Road, Harrisburg




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