IA Recruiting (and Retaining) Your Talent

Presented by Stephanie Gott from Kreg Tool and Elizabeth Nigut from EMC Insurance
Hosted by Iowa Association of Business and Industry

Join ABI members and local leaders at Shive-Hattery, Inc. in West Des Moines on Wednesday, August 7. A panel discussion will take place from 4:00-5:15 pm, immediately followed by a networking reception with Leadership Iowa University members. During this time attendees will also have an opportunity to explore Shive-Hattery’s unique work space.

Across all industries in Iowa today, everyone is competing for workforce. You’ve brought in some great young talent, but other than competitive pay, job functions they can handle with success, and a home base in the best state in the country (Iowa) – what else can you offer? How can you help turn a “for now” job into a long-term career? 

Join ABI members and community leaders for a discussion on how you can use unique strategies to create a work environment everyone can love and build loyalty among your emerging leaders.

Where: Shive-Hattery, Inc, 4125 Westown Parkway, Suite 100, West Des Moine



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