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Health Care Reimbursement Conundrums recorded

Health Care Reimbursement Conundrums

Presented by Ross Burris, Bragg Hemme, and Sara Iams at Polsinelli

As COVID-19 continues to plague the health care industry and the economy, money is tight and making sure you are collecting and keeping every dollar due is paramount. Polsinelli’s Reimbursement Institute team will help health care entities strategize about common billing, collections and audit issues in order to help limit recoupments and refunds, while effectively appealing denied or short-pay claims. Presenters will provide specific examples on how to navigate these issues in order to maximize your entity’s government reimbursement.  This webinar is meant for finance and revenue cycle executives, and the legal and compliance teams that support them.


  • Navigating internal overpayment investigations and ensuring you are refunding incorrect payments, but nothing more

    • Examples of how overpayments may be discovered.

    • Strategies for scoping internal audits and investigations.

    • Analysis for deciding whether what looks like an overpayment really is.

    • Guidance regarding the methods of self-reporting overpayments and compliance with the 60-day rule.

  • Managing external audits in order to limit the provider’s exposure.

    • Strategies for handling external audits and appeals.

    • Tools to challenge audit scope and findings, including a review of recent (and helpful) guidance and case law.

    • Managing recoupments

  • Collecting underpayments and denied claims

    • Hints for looking at denials and underpayments more broadly

    • Tactics for appealing and getting paid 

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Hosted by Polsinelli , webinar
Presented by
Ross Burris, Bragg Hemme, and Sara Iams at Polsinelli
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