FL: The Uptick in Litigation Due to COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Business

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As stores, restaurants and workplaces in Florida begin to re-open, business owners and operators need to be aware of the increased likelihood of litigation resulting from the pandemic. Threats from employees, customers, vendors and other sources will create an uptick in legal action.

Join the attorneys of Gunster and a crisis communications expert from rbb Communications as they address this increase in litigation and how business owners can mitigate and prepare for it.

  • Possible litigation that could affect businesses & potential federal legislation to provide immunity
  • Litigation defense against internal and external threats from employees and customers
  • Business divorce – how to be prepared for business disputes and which statutes may be relevant for dissolving businesses
  • How to protect your company against internal and external fraud & how the government may handle enforcement actions
  • Creditors Rights – practical information for companies who may be dealing with solvency issues & strategies for dealing with vendors and contractors who may be distressed
  • Crisis communication guidance for companies to prepare for and manage potential litigation