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Table of contents

This Massachusetts Human Resources Manual is offered to you for free. Find state specific laws and regulations below.

An introduction - features of the HR Library

Employment laws are modified every year and staying up to date on all the changes can be a full-time job – and is, for human resources professionals and employers. For the experienced attorneys who write our books, this manual is a way to help businesses stay on the right side of employment law, minimize the risk of litigation, and avoid costly penalties. This reference has been organized to fit your needs and outfitted with numerous features to help you make sure your policies and business practices are in compliance with the law.

  • The snapshot and compliance thresholds - To start the book off with a bang, An HR Audit snapshot includes a list of questions that will create a snapshot for you to use in determining whether or not you are complying with fundamental employment laws. If you do not know an answer to one of the questions, a page reference is provided so you can quickly find what you need to know. Compliance thresholds is formatted to help you determine whether specific employment laws apply to your business, based on the number of employees in your business, among other factors.
  • The visual aids - To make this book a more functional resource, we’ve displayed a lot of the subject matter in lists, tables, and charts. Don’t miss:
  • And look out for:
  • The content - We have worked to make this book user friendly – providing uncomplicated information without an expectation that a busy employer will read the text straight through – and have made every chapter as comprehensive as possible.
  • The connections - As there is a lot of information in this book that requires an employer to interact with different governmental entities, contact information – including websites, email addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers for many government departments and local organizations – is included throughout the book. In-text mentions of external sources are followed by links to make it easier for you to apply our text to your own business. To continue the dialogue, look out for sections entitled, Where to go for more information as can be found in Child labor. Think of it as the most comprehensive address book any Human Resources Department can have access to.

Every page of this manual is useful, not just the beginning; so don’t dismiss the number of valuable resources for your use. Topics include Recordkeeping and Posting requirements, both complete with federal and state constraints. Find the exact information you need, compiled and at hand, ready for your use.

So, relax – from hiring to firing, this manual will be your personal HR manager.