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August 19th, 12:00pm CDT

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List 10 up: Positive employee relations training: reap the benefits of engagement

August 21st, 2018 hrsimple


Spend 14 minutes with Michael Kessel, Russ McEwan and Alan Model from our author Littler as they discuss the benefits of employee engagement that can come from positive employee relations training in the podcast Spotlight on Positive Employee Relations Training: How Employers Can Reap the Benefits of Employee Engagement.

List 10 up:

  1. millennials want/expect more from their employer
  2. in a tight labor market, you want to be the employer people want to work for
  3. training pays dividends
  4. training must start at the top
  5. supervisors must have tools to engage employees
  6. frontline supervisors must understand their role
  7. failure to communicate is the root cause of negative morale
  8. training is an investment, not a cost/distraction
  9. don't go ostrich and be afraid to uncover a problem
  10. Littler Positive Employee Relations Series