Unemployment Compensation and COVID-19--Guidance for Employers

Presented by Bill Trusky
Hosted by Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to create unprecedented challenges for employers across Pennsylvania and the nation, state unemployment compensation programs are serving as important systems through which financial support is being driven out to individuals. To better understand the significant legislative and policy changes being implemented at both the state and federal level, the Pennsylvania Chamber Educational Foundation is presenting a free 1 hour webinar as a public service to review the latest developments, explain the details and to get your questions answered.

A representative from the U.S. Department of Labor will provide an overview of the Unemployment Compensation program changes and funding for states as authorized by the federal CARES Act. Then, we are pleased to present the Bill Trusky, Deputy Secretary of UC Programs, Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry to provide a UC update for Pennsylvania employers, help to clarify the state response and answer questions to be sure you have the latest information for your business and employees. We will discuss:

  • Details on the recent federal and state laws that have made numerous significant changes to UC that may impact employers and their workforce
  • How UC is intended to work in coordination with other programs to provide relief and stabilize the economy
  • Guidance for employers who may be experiencing UC for the first time from a claimant’s perspective, as eligibility has been expanded to include independent contractors, small business owners and others not typically eligible
  • Explanation of these changes and answers to your questions

The speakers will open up the last few minutes of the webinar to answer questions from participants.

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