Post-Traumatic (Stress) Growth: The Hidden Gem in Times of Crisis

Presented by Maria Greco Danaher (Pittsburgh) Dennis A. Davis, Ph.D. (Torrance) Luther Wright, Jr. (Nashville)
Hosted by Ogletree Deakins
$99.00 Complimentary for Ogletree Deakins clients

What is trauma? How can employees emerge from stressful situations without damaging themselves, their colleagues, and their loved ones? The spotlight continues to move toward mental health issues in the legal and HR professional fields, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is emerging as a critical topic for discussion. In this presentation, the speakers will offer insights into how employers can stay compliant with legal and ethical requirements despite the trauma associated with these stressful times. The speakers will: 

  • explain the nature of trauma and PTSD;
  • detail best practices for remaining compliant with the Rules of Professional Conduct during stressful periods;
  • define “post-traumatic growth” and provide a mechanism for encouraging such growth after trauma; and
  • discuss the consequences of an individual’s failure to rebound from trauma, and the impact it may have on employers, including providing medical and disability leaves and dealing with impaired employees.