Part 2: Strategies for Post-COVID Commercial Payor Reimbursement Planning

Presented by Jonathan Buck and David King at Polsinelli
Hosted by Polsinelli

This two part webinar series will provide an overview of commercial reimbursement issues affecting healthcare providers caring for patients with known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 and healthcare provider opportunities to resolve claims backlog and to anticipate and plan for reimbursement and contracting in the post-COVID environment.

  • Strategies for tackling past-claims backlog
    • Technical and clinical denials and underpayments
    • Addressing payor policies
  • Planning for payor COVID-related audits
    • Suspended payor practices and requirements
    • Considerations and strategies for addressing now and later
  • Anticipating and planning for changing health care delivery models
    • Change in delivery practices due to COVID
    • Considerations and strategies for contracting and reimbursement expectations