Back to Business: The New Normal in Labor Relations in the Wake of COVID-19 (May 14, 10 AM)

Presented by Michael Carrouth, Partner, Columbia & Letitia Silas, Partner, Washington, D.C. Metro
Hosted by Fisher Phillips

As they reopen in the wake of COVID-19, non-union businesses must prepare for a host of labor relations challenges ranging from a spike in employee activism to direct organizing drives. Unionized employers face their own unique challenges, including voluminous information requests, mid-term demands, and numerous grievances related to safety concerns. 

What can employers do now to prepare? This webinar will review effective strategies for protecting your culture of direct dealing within a union-free workplace, along with proactive measures to recapture badly needed management flexibility within a unionized working environment. The new normal may present its share of challenges, but opportunities await those who are invested in protecting their business as they get back to business.