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Evan Gibbs

Troutman Pepper


Evan litigates cases at the forefront of the nation’s most pressing contemporary civil rights issues throughout the U.S., but primarily in the deep south. Evan has handled cases involving sexual and gender-based harassment, gay and transgender rights, and race discrimination, among others. He’s also handled investigations into allegations of improper conduct by executives and elected officials. Evan has been interviewed by various news media outlets on these issues and the #MeToo movement, including NBC New York, The Los Angeles Daily News, BuzzFeed News, and others.

Evan also litigates trade secret and restrictive covenant matters, including the case resulting in the first published decision in Georgia interpreting the recently-enacted federal Defend Trade Secrets Act. With this background, Evan is frequently asked to prepare and assess employment agreements for executives and other high-level employees throughout the U.S., and he routinely advises clients on employment matters in the context of corporate reorganizations and M&A transactions. 

Evan has extensive experience representing clients in traditional labor matters, including union organizing campaigns, collective bargaining, grievances and arbitrations, decertification campaigns, unit clarification proceedings, and representation before state and federal administrative agencies. Evan also advises companies on successorship and other union issues in the context of corporate restructurings and M&A deals.

Evan also has considerable experience litigating constitutional issues against and on behalf of government entities, including claims and issues under the Contracts Clause and the First, Fourth, Sixth, and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Finally, Evan has also litigated business disputes on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants under state and federal laws in various jurisdictions in the U.S.

He’s also a columnist for the popular legal news site, which he’s been doing since 2016. When he’s not working, Evan does CrossFit, plays drums, and he loves anything involving dogs (because dogs are the best). He also loves reading, especially National Geographic magazine.

Representative Matters

  • First-chaired and won a labor arbitration proceeding involving various issues of contract interpretation and arbitral procedure.
  • Presented oral argument to Georgia Supreme Court on issues of appellate practice and Georgia constitutional law.
  • First-chaired and won an administrative trial against a government agency.
  • Argued multiple successful summary judgment motions and other procedural and evidentiary motions in state and federal courts in multiple states.
  • Successfully briefed and argued for early dismissal of claims in various jurisdictions and secured multiple awards of costs and attorneys’ fees against opposing parties.
  • Taken and defended dozens of depositions later used in winning dispositive and nondispositive motions.
  • Handled high-level workplace investigations involving executives as well as elected and appointed government officials.
  • Represented clients in labor arbitrations and in collective bargaining agreement negotiations.
  • Defended on-site investigations by various federal government agencies.


HR Resources

Georgia 7-Day Free Trial, Georgia Human Resources Library, Georgia Human Resources Library—Online Only,


Georgia Human Resources Manual


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