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Employment issues and regulations present some of the most complex and confusing challenges facing businesses today and are among the most important to handle appropriately. Therefore, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to make available the Arizona Human Resources Manual for businesses, owners, managers, human resource professionals and attorneys seeking a comprehensive resource on Arizona and federal labor and employment law. This unequaled publication is particularly timely due to enactment of major law reforms during the last few legislative sessions.

This edition would not be possible without the hard work of the labor and employment law experts at the Phoenix law office of the Cavanagh Law Firm, P.A. We trust that their efforts will help explain key steps in complying with Arizona and federal laws and regulations and will be a valuable addition to your reference library.

This volume is part of the Arizona Chamber’s commitment to provide reliable and practical information that positively impacts the bottom line for our members and the Arizona business community. We welcome your comments and suggestions for making future editions more responsive to the needs of your company or firm.

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