List 10 Up: Top tips for starting a workplace incident interview

Bud Bobber and Tim Kamin at Ogletree Deakins
October 24th, 2018


Workplace investigations can either stall out without any clear answer, or instead succeed and lead to a conclusion, depending on the effectiveness of the interviews. However, many people conducting interviews skip simple steps at the very outset that maximize their effectiveness. 

Spend 20 minutes with Bud Bobber and Tim Kamin from our author Ogletree Deakins as they discuss how to prepare for and start interviews when investigating a workplace incident in the podcast Top Tips for Starting Workplace Investigatory Interviews.

List 10 up:

  1. don’t start at the end
  2. complete discrete
  3. barriers just get in the way
  4. no opposites
  5. smile and be friendly
  6. very interesting
  7. To Tell the Truth
  8. ask for complete answers
  9. the truth will set you free (from any retaliation)
  10. (if I) Stop Making Sense, tell me