Workplace investigations - what to do before and after a complaint

hrsimple Webinar Series

We were so impressed with the workplace investigations seminar that Fredrikson & Byron put together that we asked them to distil it down to an hour for a webinar.

Presto-chango, here you go. Thanks Fredrikson. Thanks Patrick. Thanks Easter Bunny. Bawk bawk.

Patrick Smith at Fredrikson & Byron will provide the building blocks for an effective investigations protocol you can implement in response to harassment and discrimination complaints in today’s workplace.

Topics will include:

  • Updating policies and processes
  • Evaluating the complaint
  • Interim measures
  • Choosing an investigator
  • Confidentiality
  • Documentation
  • Investigation best practices
  • Results-based decision-making
  • Recent cases involving investigations

Presenter: Patrick Smith



Date and Time
Hosted by hrsimple, webinar
Presented by
Patrick Smith at Fredrikson & Byron