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Where in the USA is Erin Winnebago... Causing Your Next Wage and Hour Compliance Challenge?

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Edward Chyun, S. Libby Henninger, Robert Pritchard, Alecia Whitaker Winfield


Employers are struggling to keep up with the ever-changing wage and hour compliance landscape. It's no longer just all about California – states and cities across the United States are rushing to pass new and complex wage and hour laws. Making matters worse, the increase in remote work means that employers now need to keep up with wage and hour laws in jurisdictions where their “wandering workers" are located.

In this engaging program, Erin Winnebago is working remotely from her motorhome, wandering the country looking for wage and hour compliance traps to snare her employer. Our gumshoe contestants from the ACME Detective Agency will try to keep Erin's employer in compliance by navigating the complex patchwork of constantly evolving wage and hour laws across the United States.​