Prepare for saying "No" – you need to decide how to refuse service

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Seth Ford and Matt Anderson at Troutman Sanders
August 14th, 2018

This blog was written by Seth Ford and Matt Anderson at Troutman Sanders, author of the Georgia Human Resources Manual. You can find the original article and their HR Law Matters blog on their website.  

A Plan for Saying No: How to Refuse Service

Refusing to serve a patron is a hot topic right now, and it is not something any employer should take lightly. When recently asked about this issue by Thomson Reuters, partner Seth Ford and staff attorney Matt Anderson outlined the do’s and don’ts for a refusal of service policy. The main point is that employees themselves should have very little leeway to make such decisions on their own or based on their own opinions, save for extenuating circumstances.

These quotes can be found in Thomson Reuters‘ Employment Alert dated August 6, 2018, in an article titled, “Stop Trouble Before It Starts With A Refusal Of Service Policy” by Maureen Minehan, found on their website (used with permission).

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