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Law Firm: Cozen O'Connor
Authors: Jeffrey Pasek


The 2017 New Jersey Prime HR Library is your one-stop guide for answers to your questions and to assembling a comprehensive employee handbook. It features necessary forms, sample policies and commentary so you know what to do, how to do it, and why. When your employees know your rules and expectations, you limit miscommunication and keep things running smoothly.

This publication will help you answer questions such as:

  • Do I need to grant paid time off for jury duty?
  • Have I followed the proper steps to enable me to withhold a portion of your employees' wages?
  • Do I pay required overtime compensation to non-exempt employees, which can include salaried employees?
  • What paperwork must be filled out for family and medical leave?
  • What should I include in my bereavement leave policy?
  • Is my business covered by the Pregnancy Leave Act?
  • What should I include in my vacation and holiday leave policies?  
  • Plus hundreds of other crucial topics!

Keeping up with employment regulations is complex work for any business.  But good human resources guidance can help employers steer clear of added risk and costly lawsuits.  For years, the New Jersey Prime HR Library has helped employers and HR personnel find answers quickly.  This is a comprehensive guide to help employers -- from pre-hire through termination.  

Written by top New Jersey attorneys, the New Jersey Prime HR Library features:

  • One hard copy books and online access to the New Jersey HR Manual. 
  • Access to HR Update, a weekly e-newsletter that lets you know what's new in the HR world every week.
  • Free access to HRsimple webinars, where attorneys simplify complex employment law topics and help you deal with them.

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Table of Contents

New Jersey Human Resources Manual

Features of the HR Library
Chapter 1 Snapshot
Chapter 2 Compliance thresholds
Chapter 3 Recruiting and hiring
Chapter 4 Background checks
Chapter 6 Employee handbooks
Chapter 7 Non-compete agreements and trade secrets
Chapter 8 Wages and hours
Chapter 9 Child labor
Chapter 10 Performance evaluations
Chapter 11 Independent contractors
Chapter 12 Federal contractors
Chapter 13 Privacy in the workplace
Chapter 14 Social media
Chapter 15 Discrimination
Chapter 16 Workplace investigations
Chapter 17 Disabilities and reasonable accommodation
Chapter 18 Employee discipline
Chapter 19 Termination
Chapter 20 Plant closings and mass layoffs
Chapter 21 Family and medical leave
Chapter 22 Military leave
Chapter 23 Safety in the workplace
Chapter 24 Benefits
Chapter 25 Workers' compensation
Chapter 26 Unemployment insurance
Chapter 27 Health care continuation
Chapter 28 HIPAA
Chapter 29 Disaster planning
Appendix A Recordkeeping requirements
Appendix B Posting requirements

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Customer Reviews is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. It is comprehensive in scope, addressing the many legal and compliance issues that face employers from recruiting to retirement. Yet, despite the wide range of issues covered, and the complexity of those issues, information is easy to find and comprehend, avoiding much of the legal-speak that can often be difficult to interpret.

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I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years.  "Performance Management Strategies: Finding Common G.R.O.U.N.D." was one of the best presented, arranged, and informative webinars I have ever participated in.  I wish my whole crew of supervisors and managers could have participated in it.  However, with the information I received and the way it was laid out, I hope that I will be able to mock the presentation for them.


You and Jamie did an excellent job in presenting this in a clear, distinctive way that was interesting and was never boring. 

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