Coronavirus Updates for South Carolina


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The following are all resources for the latest updates regarding the Coronavirus and how it affects employers in South Carolina.

South Carolina resources / authors:

COVID-19 resources – South Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Fisher and Phillips, author of the South Carolina Employment Law Reference Guide

Burr Forman McNair, author Model Employee Policies for South Carolina Employers

Additional resources

These include FAQs, webinars, podcasts and video from the more than 25 law firms and 80+ attorneys we work with around the country covering:

  • emergency loans
  • Family FIrst Coronavirus Response Act
  • alternatives to reductions in force
  • I-9 and e-verify
  • The WARN Act
  • what is an "essential business"
  • can you take an employee's temperature
  • telecommuting and drafting a policy
  • furloughs
  • immigration
  • sick leave policies
  • an employee wanting to wear a mask
  • requiring an employee to stay home
  • and lots more.