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Keeping up with federal and state employment regulations is complex work for any business -- but good human resources guidance can help employers steer clear of costly lawsuits. Fortunately, the Virginia Prime is available. For years, the American Chamber of Commerce Resources HR Library has helped employers and HR personnel find answers quickly. The Virginia Prime is a comprehensive, plain English resource that helps you manage employees from pre-hire through post-termination. Written in plain English, it is authored by top labor lawyers, so you know you can trust the guidance. The Virginia Prime Compliance Library allows users to download and customize hundreds of policies and forms; maintain proper employee personnel files; and create or bolster your employee handbook. When a federal or state labor law or regulation changes, the library is updated -- and you'll receive an e-mail notice so you can easily determine what, if any, changes you need to make. Extra bonus include the HR Update (a weekly newsletter with news and trends) and webinars worth credit towards SHRM-CP/SCP and HRCI certifications.

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  • Virginia Human Resources Manual
  • Plus a 1-year online subscription

    Virginia Prime was created in collaboration with Wilson Worley Moore Gamble & Stout, PC , and authored by Andrew Wampler


    I’ve had many occasions to use the materials purchased from ACCR. I enjoy the fact that they come both electronically and in hard copy. I keep the electronic copy on my desktop and find it very user friendly. I usually just search for a word in the document and just like that, I have my answer. The hard copy is nice for traveling or just looking things up the old fashioned way. The layout is very handy. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my purchases thus far. The information is easy to find and the books are very easy to read.

    Bill Pinegar, SPHR, Human Resources Consultant, Kiesling Associations, Des Moines, Iowa

    I am a HUGE fan of HRsimple! It is so easy to navigate and find the answer to my questions in the matter of a couple of clicks. I wear multiple hats for my employer and being responsible for Human Resources, Safety and Accounting I prefer to spend my time answering questions, not looking for them.

    HRsimple makes my job easier; therefore, I love it, love it, love it!!!

    Lynn Durost, HR/Accounting Manage, Rubb, Inc, Sanford, Maine

    I’m relatively new to ACCR’s HR Update email service but must say thus far, it’s the greatest! I think it’s safe to say that all HR professionals are pressed for time but are also interested in keeping in step with changes as they happen, so when ACCR provides a brief snapshot on various topics of interest, it’s quick and easy reading, and greatly appreciated! Should something of special interest appear, just a point and click brings up an informational brief, right at my fingertips! Thanks so much for the service!

    Jean M. LaBombard
, Human Resources Manager
, World Warehouse & Distribution, Inc., Virginia Beach, Virginia

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    American Chamber of Commerce Resources

    For more than 25 years, ACCR has worked with State Chambers of Commerce and Associations of Business and Industry across the country. Our goal is to provide employers and HR professionals with the resources they need to stay in compliance with the rapidly changing world of employment laws and regulations. Our manuals tell you:

    • what to do
    • how to do it
    • and a little bit of why.

    No legalese, no endless strings of case citations…our guidebooks simply get you the answers you need, so that you can get back to business.

    If seeing is believing, come explore our Publications section and READ A CHAPTER from a book written specifically for your state.


    In the early 1980’s, Dick Apland, the godfather of ACCR, worked for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. He found the Chamber struggling as they attempted to sustain themselves on member dues alone. He then... learn more

    Topics covered

    Virginia Human Resources Manual

    About the Firm

    About the Editor

    Editor's Foreward

    Features of the HR Library

    Chapter 01: Snapshot

    Chapter 02: Compliance thresholds

    Chapter 03: Recruiting and hiring

    Chapter 04: Background checks

    Chapter 05: Personnel files

    Chapter 06: Policies and procedures manuals

    Chapter 07: Wages and hours

    Chapter 08: Child labor

    Chapter 09: Temporary and leased employees

    Chapter 10: Independent contractors

    Chapter 11: Privacy

    Chapter 12: Internet usage

    Chapter 13: Discrimination

    Chapter 14: Disabilities and reasonable accommodation

    Chapter 15: Family and medical leave

    Chapter 16: Benefits

    Chapter 17: Workplace safety and health

    Chapter 18: Workers' compensation

    Chapter 19: Workplace investigations

    Chapter 20: Employee discipline

    Chapter 21: Termination

    Chapter 22: Health insurance

    Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements

    Appendix B: Posting requirements

    Forms and Policies

    At-Will Employment Application

    Form I-9 (2017 - 2019)

    Form I-9 Instructions (2017 - 2019)

    Model Employment At-Will Policy

    Model Offer Letter

    Sample Job Description Form

    A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

    Sample Adverse Employment Action Notice

    Sample FCRA Notice

    Sample Attendance and Punctuality Policy

    Sample Drug and Alcohol Use Policy Statement

    Sample Employee Acknowledgment

    Sample Standards of Conduct-Disciplinary Policy

    Sample Hours of Work Policy

    Sample Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers Policy

    Acknowledgment Form for All Employees Regarding Email Use and Monitoring

    Confidentiality Acknowledgment Form

    Sample Internet Acceptable Use Policy

    Sample Social Media Policy

    Global Workplace Policy

    Sample Reasonable Accommodations Policy

    Application for Family and Medical Leave of Absence

    Sample Employer Response to Request for Family and Medical Leave of Absence

    Sample Family and Medical Leave Act Policy

    Sample Documentation of Counseling

    Sample Final Written Warning (Conduct)

    Sample Final Written Warning (Performance)

    Sample Memorandum of Counseling

    Sample Exit Interview Form

    Sample Separation Agreement and Release (for Employees Age 40 and Older)

    Sample Separation Agreement and Release (for Employees under Age 40)

    Sample Separation Checklist

    Sample Notice of Special Enrollment Rights