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Texas Prime

Keeping up with federal and state employment regulations is complex work for any business -- but good human resources guidance can help employers steer clear of costly lawsuits. Fortunately, the Texas Prime is available. For years, the Texas Association of Business HR Library has helped employers and HR personnel find answers quickly. The Texas Prime is a comprehensive, plain English resource that helps you manage employees from pre-hire through post-termination. Written in plain English, it is authored by top labor lawyers, so you know you can trust the guidance. The Texas Prime Compliance Library allows users to download and customize hundreds of policies and forms; maintain proper employee personnel files; and create or bolster your employee handbook. When a federal or state labor law or regulation changes, the library is updated -- and you'll receive an e-mail notice so you can easily determine what, if any, changes you need to make. Extra bonus include the HR Update (a weekly newsletter with news and trends) and webinars worth credit towards SHRM-CP/SCP and HRCI certifications.

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  • Texas Human Resources Manual
  • Plus a 1-year online subscription

    Texas Prime was created in collaboration with Kemp Smith , and authored by C.B. Burns


    The Texas Human Resources Manual is a low-cost essential for Texas businesses. Our members value the HR manuals as a quick resource for HR questions and issues that come up in the workplace.

    Bill Hammond, CEO, Texas Association of Business location, Austin, Texas

    I wanted to let you know that the manuals are very helpful in the day-to-day operation of the HR world. They have personally been extremely helpful on difficult days, especially the Model Policies and Forms I have used them several times and plan to continue to use both of the books for reference.

    Gina Larkins, HR Director, Radiology, Inc., Paris, Texas

    I have been in Human Resources for over 30 years.  "Performance Management Strategies: Finding Common G.R.O.U.N.D." was one of the best presented, arranged, and informative webinars I have ever participated in.  I wish my whole crew of supervisors and managers could have participated in it.  However, with the information I received and the way it was laid out, I hope that I will be able to mock the presentation for them. You and Jamie did an excellent job in presenting this in a clear, distinctive way that was interesting and was never boring. 

    Dena Smith, Heartland EMS, Inc. is a must-have not only for HR professionals in the state, but for labor and employee relations professionals, employment lawyers and small business owners. It is comprehensive in scope, addressing the many legal and compliance issues that face employers from recruiting to retirement. Yet, despite the wide range of issues covered, and the complexity of those issues, information is easy to find and comprehend, avoiding much of the legal-speak that can often be difficult to interpret.

    John A. Challenger, Chief Executive Officer, Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

    About the law firm

    Kemp Smith

    Founded in 1866, Kemp Smith has 150 years of experience serving our clients, communities and profession. Kemp Smith is the second-oldest law firm in Texas, the largest law firm in El Paso and the only El Paso-based firm with offices in Austin and Las Cruces.

    The firm boasts 13 partners who have been selected to the 2015 Texas Super Lawyers by Thomson Reuters, the 2015 Texas Rising Stars by Thomson Reuters, to the 2016 Best Lawyers more

    Texas Association of Business

    The Texas Association of Business (TAB), Texas’ leading employer organization, is pleased to present the Texas HR Library. We hope it will help you operate your business more efficiently and avoid the hidden pitfalls that lurk among the maze known as HR.

    Targeted, timely and comprehensive, this manual is considered the cornerstone guide of the compliance library. It covers more than 60 primary topics directly related to the employment process, from job descriptions through termination and beyond. Each includes practical advice on what should be done, solid advice on how to do it and a complete explanation of why it is important.

    This updated and revised edition of the Model Policies and Forms for Texas Employers was not written as a response to employee-related problems, but to help you avoid them. The guidelines and checklists will make that easier and the examples, FAQ’s and step-by-step instructions will give you the... learn more

    Topics covered

    Texas Human Resources Manual

    About Kemp Smith

    About the Texas Association of Business


    Introduction - Features of the HR Library

    Chapter 01: Snapshot - An HR audit

    Chapter 02: Compliance thresholds

    Chapter 03: Hiring

    Chapter 04: Job descriptions

    Chapter 05: Consumer reports

    Chapter 06: New hire reporting

    Chapter 07: Affirmative action

    Chapter 08: Immigration

    Chapter 09: Discrimination

    Chapter 10: New employee orientation

    Chapter 11: Flexible work arrangements

    Chapter 12: Independent contractors

    Chapter 13: Telecommuting

    Chapter 14: Wages and hours

    Chapter 15: Child labor

    Chapter 16: Employee handbooks

    Chapter 17: Personnel files

    Chapter 18: Performance reviews

    Chapter 19: Workplace investigations

    Chapter 20: Discipline

    Chapter 21: Resolving disputes

    Chapter 22: Termination

    Chapter 23: Whistleblower protections

    Chapter 24: Plant closings and mass layoffs

    Chapter 25: Unclaimed assets and paychecks

    Chapter 26: Employment practices liability insurance

    Chapter 27: Unemployment insurance

    Chapter 28: Benefits

    Chapter 29: Pension and profit-sharing plans

    Chapter 30: Healthcare continuation

    Chapter 31: Healthcare portability and privacy

    Chapter 32: Family and medical leave

    Chapter 33: Active military and veteran's rights

    Chapter 34: Workers' compensation

    Chapter 35: Drugs and alcohol

    Chapter 36: Smoking in the workplace

    Chapter 37: Politics in the workplace

    Chapter 38: Safety and health

    Chapter 39: Workplace violence

    Chapter 40: Privacy

    Chapter 41: Criminal activity in the workplace

    Chapter 42: Changing technology

    Chapter 43: Lie detector tests

    Chapter 44: Trade secrets

    Chapter 45: Public employers

    Chapter 46: Unions

    Chapter 47: Diversity in the workplace

    Appendix A: Recordkeeping requirements

    Appendix B: Posting requirements

    Appendix C: Employment reference websites

    Appendix D: Directory of government agencies