OR: Oregon's Workplace Fairness Act: Best Practices for Policy Updates & Compliance With Fall Changes

Presented by Nicole C. Elgin at Barran Liebman
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With many provisions of the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act effective October 1, 2020, it is important for employers to understand all required updates to discrimination and harassment policies, as well as major restrictions on confidentiality, nondisclosure, non-disparagement, and no rehire agreements.

The Act, born out of the #MeToo Movement, is intended not only to prevent harassment in the workplace, but to fundamentally change the process surrounding employers’ responses to those claims. For example, did you know that all employees need to be told about the law’s new 5 year statute of limitations? Did you also know that employees who complain of unlawful assault, harassment, or discrimination need to be presented with a copy of the employer’s updated policy at the time of their complaint? 

In this presentation, Barran Liebman attorney Nicole Elgin will cover best practices for navigating the new requirements under the law, as well as procedures for documenting and responding to incidents involving discrimination or harassment.

Register for $50 per person. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express accepted.

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