Jordan Ramis

Understanding our clients and the day-to-day business and professional issues they face is essential for quality advice, efficient representation, and zealous advocacy. Not only are we accomplished at practicing law, we also recognize how legal matters impact our clients. In addition to countless years of legal experience, we have owned and operated businesses, worked as architects, landscape architects, engineers, and construction managers. We have been real estate professionals, land developers, contractors, purchasing managers, and government employees. We have gathered all of our experiences together to create a team of highly qualified and knowledgeable professionals to service the legal needs of our clients.

The success of our business is dependent on how well we serve our customers. Everyone who contributes to our team recognizes this simple truth and is committed to full customer satisfaction. Our mission is to exceed the highest expectations of our clients and each other. All of us at Jordan Ramis PC pledge to use our expertise and experience to give our clients value, quality, and the best possible results.