Non-compete agreements

June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

One of the most problematic parts of ending an employment relationship is what happens afterwards. While it is clear that the employee must go in a new direction, there can be some confusion as to what an employer can do to make sure its business interests aren’t negatively impacted. When an employee relocates or goes out on their own they may want to take clients, staff, information or ideas with them, but there are a few things employers can do to safeguard these valuable assets.  

Workplace romance

June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

A recent poll shows that over 40% of Americans have dated a coworker, making the topic of inter-office romance pretty hard to ignore. While you may be glad that your staff is finding happiness, here are several serious issues that can be brought up when employees start dating and employers should be sure to protect themselves.


June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

The summer can bring up several employment issues, including discipline and dress code violations, but one of the biggest issues is just getting employees to show up! With holidays and vacations, warmer summer months often result in lower attendance, which can translate to a loss in productivity. Time off requests also pose a lot of administrative problems, and employers should be sure to enforce a clear policy to ensure fairness. 

The following sample policy can help you get started.

Bullying in the workplace

June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

A few years ago if you heard the word bullying, images of playgrounds and principals' offices might come to mind. It's true that many people felt that bullying only applied to children, but in recent years we've acknowledged the truth of the situation: adults can be bullied – and bullies – too. A 2010 survey showed that over 35% of adults admit to being bullied and another 15% admit to witnessing bullying. With these numbers on the rise, employers need to learn to identify and prevent bullying in the workplace, as it can lead to some very serious problems. Here are some questions you need answers to and a sample bullying policy:

Employment references

June 12th, 2018 hrsimple

Finding new employees can be stressful. Sure, an applicant will say they are a hardworking overachiever, but are they being honest? That's where reference checks come in. For most positions, it is beneficial for an employer to request and contact previous employers to check on perspective employees as it can protect the employer in any future negligent hiring claims. But what is the right way to get a reference? And what is the right way to give a reference for your own past employees?