#MeToo quiz

October 24th, 2018

Robin Shea at Constangy

One of our favorite bloggers, Robin Shea at Constangy (Constangy is the author of one of our Georgia resources) put together a quick 7 question true/false, multiple choice quiz on #MeToo. This is open book (so open that the answers are conveniently provided along with the questions) because we don’t care about what grade you get, just that you stay out of jail.

  1. Which big shot had to resign because of allegations of inappropriate and violent behavior toward women?
  2. In the wake of #MeToo, employers should radically change the way they respond to sexual harassment allegations.
  3. Which type of employee is most at risk for being credibly accused of sexual harassment in the #MeToo era?
  4. Which category of individual is least likely to have had sexual harassment training?
  5. Employers should add contact information for their Board of Directors to their harassment policies and training materials for all employees.
  6. Now that we all know how serious sexual harassment can be, our training should focus on that and less on other types of harassment (racial, national origin, etc.).
  7. Now that we all know how serious sexual harassment can be, employers should proceed on the assumption that "the victim is always right."

Bonus: Robin includes a link to her Mother’s Day employment law quiz from last year, which is a timed essay (kidding).