Interview with attorneys at Wilson Worley PC

October 24th, 2018 by hrsimple

It’s time to get to know the authors of the Tennessee Human Resources Manual, the attorneys at Wilson Worley PC!

1. Tell us about Wilson Worley: 

Wilson Worley PC is a general civil law firm practicing in upper East Tennessee and southwest Virginia since 1951 from offices in Kingsport, Tennessee. We listen to client needs and work to develop long-term relationships. We want to be known for the competence, quality, and skill of our people, and we are looking for ways to evolve the legal practice to be what our clients need today.

2. Who works on the Tennessee Human Resources Manual

The legwork that goes into the Manual is a collaborative effort each year.  We have an Employment Practice group that includes several lawyers, and one of its jobs is to monitor what is happening in employment law, locally and nationally.  We email newsletter updates to our clients, and there is a blog that we maintain with regular posts on practical HR information.  Then, when the time comes, I work with ACCR to update the Manual each year to have the most current information.

3. How do you think the Tennessee Human Resources Manual benefits readers? 

We have heard that the Manual is a good desk reference with broad coverage of many of the common issues that come up in employing people.  It is a great first step for business owners and HR professionals to get their bearings when questions develop.  Of course, we’re always there to help out, but the Manual has saved many a quick call for consultation on a topic.

4. What do you think is the biggest issue employers face currently in employment law? 

The environment for employers is evolving—both in regulatory matters and in employee relations.  We think that striking the balance between a culture of compliance while still promoting the in-company dynamic in a way that allows the business to be successful is a challenge.  Some may point to a specific law like FMLA or the Affordable Care Act, but those things impact different employers differently, if at all.  While there are specific changes to the law and new requirements or rulings to monitor, it is navigating this context that is the biggest singular issue—the one that cuts across company size, industries, agencies, and laws.

5. Finally, to get to know you better, we want to know: What do you like on your pizza? 

Red onions and spinach.  The spinach always worked for Popeye, and the onions mean I don’t have to share as many pieces.

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